Photo of Duke by Jenna White from his stay at The Independence!



We at The Independence are dog-lovers, which is why each and every room at the hotel is pup friendly. We want to make sure that our guests can bring their doggos with them on all trips to the area, whether its for business, fun, or a healthy combination. But why take our word for it when you can hear directly from the source? Check out our Paws-itive Reviews below to hear first hand how some of our four-legged guests (with a little interpretation help from their humans) have enjoyed their time with us. If it sounds like a trip your pup might enjoy, check out our VIP package, we are here for you and your pooch!


(traveled with his dad, Mike):

The Independence is one of my favorite places to take a vacation. I’ve got a lot of energy, so the endless trails and beautiful park next to the hotel are the perfect way to tucker myself out (at least, until dinnertime). I’m also a very social pup; so the extra hugs and attention I get from the hoomans here are a big plus. I give The Independence Hotel two paws up!”


(traveled with her mom, Lucy):

“I’ve stayed at The Independence a few times now, so I’ve gotten good at identifying when we’re close and wagging my tail to show my mom that I’m ready for vacation to start! I love all the smells downtown, walking through the grass, chasing squirrels, swimming in the river when it’s warm enough, and running off leash at the park with all the other doggos. Mom might not be able to run as quickly as I can, but nothing beats snuggling with her at night in the giant beds at The Independence Hotel. (Although I must confess, I do my best to take up all the space.) I recommend this spot to any other pups who are looking for a few days away. I mean, look at my picture… don’t I look good? I could be on the cover of Vanity Fur!”


(traveled with his mom, Sarah):

“I love The Independence Hotel. My mom calls me a Prince and I expect to be treated as such. With only the softest pillows and blankets to perch on, I receive pats from my mom on the balcony and catch extra bits of her breakfast when they drop off her fork. (It’s the leash I can do; otherwise it would just end up on the ground.) I especially love the room with the fireplace that keeps my cold toe pads warm and toasty at night. Let’s give The Independence Hotel a round of a-Paws!”


(traveled with his mom, Sara):

“I love visiting the Independence Hotel. I get to jump in the river and run in the park. I even get to go to dinner on the patio while mom has a glass of wine and her favorite Brussels sprouts. Can’t wait to go back fur some more adventures!”


(Photo Credit: Sara Weibel)


(traveled with his mom, Jenna):

“My daily view consists of my mom’s bedroom walls since I often wait anxiously for her to come home after work.  At The Independence, I had the BEST view while lounging on the super comfy mattress!  There were birds flying by our balcony and bedroom window, pups parading on the sidewalk below, and a river with fish jumping high.  Can this be my view everyday?  It was PAWfect!”


(Photo Credit: Travel Dundee)

Sammy and Wyeth

(traveled with their mom, Shelly):

“Hi, I am Sammy, my brother Wyeth is shy, so I’ll cover this review for both of us. I’m on the right, here we are with our bags packed ready to travel! We got to stay at The Independence when our mom was there for work. It was kind of like a 2nd home. We both loved exploring all the smells and meeting new dogs at the riverfront. My favorite part was walking through the lobby and all the attention from the staff who recognized our beauty, charm and general joi de vivre (yes, I speak french)! Wyeth lived for the scraps from breakfast that our mom brought back to the room to share! Sure beats staying home and listening to NPR! Highly recommend!