Back in April 2020, when we are still at the beginning of distancing and quarantining, we held a dance video contest on our social media. We put together a playlist for everyone who needing to just “dance it out”, we received video submissions and selected four winners.

Quarantine Insomnia

Lucy shared some “quarantine realness” with her submission of “Quarantine Insomnia”. Lucy won in the category of “best interpretation of struggs to func”, “best use of costumes and props…..glow-ball anyone?”, “best guest appearance by Alex Trebek” and “best kitchen dance break”.

I Wanna Dance with a Swain

Cherie and Jacob Swain nailed it with their “I Wanna Dance with a Swain” submission. They won in the category of “best 80’s dance tune”, “eyebrow choreography” and “ending with a splash”!


Check out this Dodger vs Redsox dance dual to the 90’s classic “Can’t Touch This”. That’s right, its’ Hammertime! The Joynt’s won in the category of “best use of sweet 90’s moves”, “best use of the classic dance battle format”, “best frenemy collab”, extra shout out for being quick on the draw with the first entry.

Only the Lonely

Cassy killed it with her rendition of “only the lonely”! Cassy won in the category of “best duet with an inanimate object”, “best social disDancing interpretive dance” and “best use of a classic torch song.”

The Playlist

When quarantine has you down, sometimes you just need to dance it out! We got you! Our playlist includes some songs for the times, some reference our hotel, some are just good dancing songs!

Even though contest is over, the dancing will never be!