Photo by Kiba the Mini Aussie from his stay at The Independence!


We love dogs at The Independence Hotel, and we know that a vacation for you should also mean a vacation for them. So check out the lists below for dog-friendly activities 30 minutes of less from the hotel, and plan your next stay with us rest assured of the good times that await your four-legged besties. We can’t wait to meet them!

(Note: the * by the ones my own dog (Judy) has tried and enjoyed.)

Dog-Friendly Restaurants/Coffee Shops/Breweries:

  1. Territory- Part of the hotel*
  2. Brew Coffee and Tap House- 2 min walk*
  3. The Tap Station- 3 min walk*
  4. Lonney’s Lunch- 5 min walk
  5. Pink House Café- 5 min walk
  6. The Sippery- 8 min drive
  7. Xicha Brewing- 16 min drive
  8. Wild Pear – 17 min drive*
  9. French Press Coffee and Crepes – 19 min drive
  10. Santiam Brewing- 20 min
  11. Sparky’s Brewing Company- 22min
  12. The Barn at Hickory Station- 25 min drive

The “patio pups” hotel guests and local dogs come out to Territory when the weather is nice!

Dog-Friendly Wineries:

  1. Eola Hills Estate-11 min drive*
    • Optional hike package is available to walk the dog across the property
  2. Airlie Winery- 26 min drive*
    • Dogs here are allowed off leash and welcome to swim in the pond on the property
  3. Left Coast Estate- 16 min drive*
  4. Cubanismo Vineyards- 18 min drive
  5. Coria Estates- 18 min drive
  6. Johan Vineyards – 20 min drive
  7. Bethel Heights Vineyard- 24 min drive
  8. Willamette Valley Vineyards- 24 min drive*
  9. Failla Wines- 25 min drive
  10. Keeler Estate-30 min drive*
    • Dogs are allowed off leash, and to explore the property with their humans.
    • Check out the “Puppies and Pinot” package when there.
  11. Cristom Vineyards- 26 min drive*
  12. Bjornson Vineyards- 29 min drive

Pups pictured at these dog friendly wineries: Eola Hills Wine Cellars, Willamette Valley Vineyards, Keeler Estate Vineyards.

Recreational Activities:

    1. Riverview Park-4 min walk*
      • Always a personal favorite. Beautiful view of the river and right next to the hotel.
    2. Independence Dog Park- 10 min walk*
    3. Inspiration Garden- 3 min drive
    4. Sarah Helmick State Park- 12 min drive
    5. North Luckiamute Landing Trails- 14 min drive
    6. Joryville Park- 14 min drive
    7. Minto-Brown Island Park- 15 min drive
    8. Croisan Creek Trail- 15 min drive
    9. Skyline Trail- 15 min drive*
    10. Central Bark Park- 16 min drive
    11. Orchard Heights Park- 18 min drive
    12. Keizer Rapids Dog Park- 28 min drive*
      • Your dog will have a blast but be prepared for Fido to get MUDDY.

So many dog parks and trails… little time! Riverview Park right outside the hotel has trails to explore and a popular dog park.

Dog Services:

  1. Jack’s World Pet Grooming and Supplies- 2 min walk
  2. Ash Creek Animal Clinic- 2 minute walk
  3. Monmouth Independence Pet Care- 7 min drive
  4. The Shaggy Dog Inc.- 11 min drive
  5. South Salem Pet Supply- 18 min drive

It provides pet parents peace of mind to know there are many great services for animals nearby, including the Ash Creek Animal Clinic, just a couple blocks from the hotel.

Duke is cozy in his room making plans for the day’s adventures! (photo by Jenna White)