Photo by Kiba the Mini Aussie from his stay at The Independence!


There’s a sign near the border of Oregon that reads, “Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.” Well, at The Independence couldn’t agree more and that’s why we have created the ultimate “Dog Day in Indy” itinerary for your next visit. For those of us blessed with dogs in our lives, we understand that there is no place they’d rather be than closely beside their humans. Our four-legged friends spend so much time waiting for us to come home from work or daily errands, why leave them behind when we embark on vacation or go on adventures? This itinerary makes bringing your doggo along as easy as packing your suitcase.

Kiba is inspired by the rooftop views to show us how he stands tall! (photo from Kiba the Mini Aussie)

Duke takes it all in as he reflects on his time in the Willamette Valley from the rooftop. (Photo from mom, Jenna White)

Day 1:

10:30 AM:  Eat a hearty breakfast, pack some snacks for your trip (dog treats included, of course) and head to the Willamette Valley.


12:00 PM:  Enjoy your first wine tasting at Eola Hills Winery.

  • In addition to your tasting, you can request a map and add a self-guided tour through the vineyards to your experience. There are multiple trails to choose from, depending on how much time you have and how far your dog likes to travel. Bigger dogs may want to go faster and up hills, while the smaller pooches have the option to frolic across softer patchy fields of grass and wildflowers.
  • Taste outside with plenty of water for your four-legged bestie.
  • At Eola Hills, there’s flexibility in the flight you order, and you can often request which varietals of wine you prefer and go from there.
  • We recommend purchasing some cheese and crackers, and taking in the view as you perhaps order a full glass of the sparkling Rosé.
  • Outside food is also permitted if you wish to share some of your own snacks with doggo.

These pups are ready for adventure! (Photos Lucy Brush)

The grounds at Eola Hills Legacy Estate are particularly exciting for the pups to explore! Photo from Eola Hills Facebook @alyssonkuhns

Soak in the atmosphere at your own pace or with a guided tour of the property, at the Eola Legacy Estate.

Explore the “wiking” trails on the Eola Legacy Estate.

The Eola Dog Crew! Vineyards are the perfect place for meet-ups of people and pooches too!

2:30PM:  Next up! It’s time to drive to Airlie Estate, a place so dog friendly that your pup will want to move right in.

  • Dogs are allowed off leash to explore the grounds and jump in the giant pond, cooling them off from the sun during the warmer months.
  • The owners of Airlie have two dogs themselves, a pair of Irish Settlers who serve as the official canine ambassadors of the property.
  • Note: This is not the winery for those with reactive canines. Dogs are often left to their own devices off leash and will approach different tables. This spot is more ideal for the doggos that like to socialize.
  • Airlie Winery has a cheese plate available, while outside food is also permitted.
  • All of the seating for Airlie is outdoors, but several spots are covered to keep you dry during the rainier months. Just make sure to bring layers if the temperature calls for it.

Airlie owner Mary Olson and one of her resident Irish Setters (photo from Airlie’s Instagram).

Cheeky puppy pose! (photo from Airlie’s Instagram)

The Airlie pond is a wonderful backdrop for your visit and an immediate destination for many visiting dogs!

Linus was keen to thoroughly explore the amenities at Airlie!

Judy checks out the lake at Airlie, her human tags along!

A tough critic, Judy gives Airlie two paws up!

4:00PM: After you finish your flight, and your dog has had their fill of sniffs and pats, head to The Independence Hotel to check in, unpack, and unwind.


5:00PM: Enjoy human time while the fur baby sleeps.

  • Let your dog snooze while you book a time slot for private use of the hot tub.
  • Take a long luxurious shower in your room when finished. (Get ready for the best water pressure of your life!)


7:00PM:  Order some dinner for pickup from Territory, the hotel’s restaurant.

  • We personally recommend the Brussels sprouts and any of the steaks that might allow you to share a bite with your traveling companion. Eat in the room, or take it up to the roof for dinner with a view.

We think everyone everyone will enjoy the luxurious linens and complementary robes, as well as our custom designed mattresses! (photo from Kiba the Minie Aussie)


Rooms at The Independence are dog-friendly and dog-approved! (Photos left and center from Kiba the Mini Aussie and right from Lucy Brush)

8:30PM:  Time for a riverfront stroll.

  • Take the dog for a nice long walk by the river right (directly in front of the hotel). Look for local birds, and depending on the time of year, watch the sunset as the reflective light on the river changes from warmer golds and reds, to calming and cooler silver and blues.

10:00PM:  Watch TV, Read a book, or do anything else that calls to you as long as doggo is invited too.

  • We recommend snuggling up with your pup and drifting off to sleep in our famously comfortable beds!

Tthe Willamette River Trail is a 5k soft surface trail loop that runs from the Riverview Park Ampitheater to the North Riverfront Ballfield Complex and back. The hotel has direct access to the trail and ampitheater. 

So many smells to explore on the riverfront trail right out the front doors of the hotel! (photo on the right Kiba the Mini Aussie).

Day 2:

Sometime in the AM:  Wake up when your pup deems it’s time, and enjoy breakfast outdoors on Territory’s patio.  Our complimentary buffet breakfast allows you to grab an extra piece of bacon to leave under the table for no one in particular.


11:00AM:  It’s time to head to your final wine tasting adventure of this trip: Keeler Estate.

  • We highly recommend going early or staying late in order to explore the grounds. Keeler has a stunning property with geese, ducks, chipmunks, multiple ponds, weeping willows, statues, art, and multiple bridges that cross over the property.
  • Our personal favorite spot is the gazebo where you and doggo can sit on the bench and watch time pass over the vineyards.
  • At Keeler you can choose between their all-red or all-white flight, while also perhaps ordering a glass or bottle of your favorite selection when done.
  • If you love what you taste (and you will) we sign up to be a member and include their “Puppies and Pinots” deal, which adds a treat for your dog to every shipment.

The tasting fights at Keeler make choosing your favorite a snap!

Relax in the adirondack chairs with your new found (or old reliable) favorite wine and your four-legged friends.

Keeler Estate Vineyard is not only dog friendly, but the Keeler’s dogs help keep the vineyards running, helping out with harvest and, of course, being companions to the Keeler team!

* Photos at Keeler Estate Vineyard from Keeler’s Instagram.

1:00PM:  Head to Salem for a late lunch at one of their many local eateries. (We personally recommend the butternut squash soup and pear salad from Wild Pear if you’re up for eating outside with your dog… just note that they are often closed on Sundays.)


3:00PM:  It’s time to head home, but remember there’s no rush, so enjoy the drive!

Roll the windows down so your pup can feel the wind on their face, and take the drive to brainstorm about your next trip to see us in Independence!

Striking a pose at Eola Hills.

Dame Judy – one of the furry participants of the initerary activities!

Puppy high fives at Keeler Estate.

Psst! Bonus time!

Are you planning to stay for more than one night? If so, great! Check out the full list of dog friendly wineries below…