Local Artists and Makers

Creative Fellowship – Ashleigh Bolling

Ashleigh Bolling, Dancer and choreographer stayed at The Independence Hotel for one week to create a new dance video piece, working with fellow dancer and friend Gabi Hamlin to film.  The Independence Hotel is honored to be the backdrop for this beautiful, expressive, and moving work! Ashleigh graduated with a Bachelor’s in Dance from Western Oregon University and once upon a time, worked at the Front Desk of the hotel, too!

Kristy Kún

Kristy Kún’s innovative work with hand-made felt often parallels environmental transformations; birth, fruition, decay. Formations of water, earth and sky emerge as if breathing and alive. Kún’s hands translate this energy and these textures from nature into new form using altered methods of a timeless craft. She started her artistic journey as a woodworker and upholsterer before transitioning to wool. Her respect for materials and craftsmanship in their reverential structure is planted deep.

Jenny Gray

Based out of Monroe, Oregon, Jenny Gray creates layered abstract oil on canvas paintings with “informational fragments”—some completely covered, some behind translucent layers, some prominently on the surface. Her paintings’ layers, textures and drawing sell very personal stories but also encourage the viewer to discover and see their own evolving stories.

Beneath the Bark

Beneath the Bark is a family owned business that creates custom furniture pieces using the best materials and working with clients to help their creative visions become a reality. The Beneath the Bark family tree is full of experienced builders pleased to carry on the tradition with the knowledge passed down from generations.

Oregon Cedar Company

The Independence worked with Darrell Huskey of Oregon Cedar Company to create beautiful, one-of-kind headboards from redwoods salvaged during the Salem airport’s latest expansion. Huskey does a wide range of custom live edge and woodworking from his shop in Salem.

River Gallery

Located just a block from the hotel, in historic downtown Independence the River Gallery is a cooperative run by 13 partners. The gallery features diverse and talented artist from around the region and hosts a number of juried shows and events, including the wildly popular, “Wild Women” show every January. Stop by our River Gallery wall in the lobby to see a rotating selection of talented artists.

John Tess – Fused PDX

We were lucky enough to intersect with John for business, we soon learned that he  is the founder and owner of Fused PDX, a delightful studio and gallery, a hub for talented glass artists, in Portland’s pearl district. We began working with John on a custom piece for our lobby (pictured pre-installation here) and on unique handcrafted room number plaques. We get countless compliments and inquiries about our lobby piece and room numbers. John built his studio on the simple idea that quality glass brightens both the home and public space. Whether in functional objects or wall sized designs, the glass of Fused PDX is equally beautiful to look at and look through.

Carole Van Haaften

This Abstract Landscape featured prominently in our restaurant is called, “Teal Bliss. ”Inspired by nature, Carole Van Haaften’s landscapes reflect the modern painting techniques she developed while attaining her Interior Architecture BFA from CCAC San Francisco. Her understanding of structure, composition, and light, all of which are crucial in her 30-year interior design career, give Carole’s paintings a sense of unique depth and sensitive dimension. In addition to contributing this painting, Carole provided interior design for The Independence Hotel.

Paul Gentry

Paul Gentry is a printmaker, painter, and mixed media artist whose focus is depicting the rural landscape that surrounds his home and studio in Independence, Oregon. We are lucky to feature Paul’s detailed and evocative works throughout our restaurant. Since 2001 he has specialized in wood engraving, a form of relief printmaking known for its technical precision and demanding technique. Paul’s work is exhibited nationally, he is a member of the Northwest Print Council and the Wood Engravers Network and of course, a member at the River Gallery in Independence, Oregon.

Dayna Collins

 Oregon artist Dayna Collins is an abstract painter who works intuitively, laying down paint in bold swaths of color, then goes back in and refines the composition, finding the story buried in the paint. She wants the viewer to wonder about its previous life, to feel like they’re on an archeological dig, getting a glimpse beneath the surface, but never the full story. Dayna’s beautiful work is in our elevator lobbies on each floor in Independence and is featured throughout our sister property, The Dundee. We get many compliments from guests on the vibrant colors and rich textures that help bring our hallways to life.

Wild Rumpus Gets a Clue – A Clue Themed Full-Length Dance Film!


The classic board game, Clue comes to life in a full-length, jazz-dance film that follows nine characters through a “who done it” murder mystery romp told via high energy, and often humorous, original jazz dance pieces.

Originally choreographed as a live show, the performance was canceled due to Covid 19, prompting Portland-based, Wild Rumpus Dance Company to change gears and adapt the performance to film.  Filmed on location at The Dundee and our sister property, The Independence. Enjoy a couple highlights below, or grab some popcorn, and watch the whole show (linked below).

Ms. Green Makes Her Case

Ms. Green, an environmentalist and do-gooder who happened on the dinner party, makes her case for her self and her cause! She pulls on the heartstrings of the crowd, and wins the sympathies of some, but is she “not that innocent”?

Song: It’s Not Easy Being Green, Wim T. Schippers, Sesame Street 1 Original Cast Record, Vol. 1

Choreographer: Lucy Brush

Dancers: Sondra Storm (Ms. Green), Daniel Martinez, Lucy Brush

Filmed by: Nicholas Petrich

See the Full Show!

Clue the board game, re-imagined as a jazz dance-filled mystery! Follow the nine suspects/victims to find out who did it! Filmed at The Independence and our sister property, The Dundee.