The Pacific Northwest and craft beer go hand in hand. Even in Oregon wine country, we have top-notch beer and microbreweries to enjoy. In fact, the city of Independence was called “the hops capital of the world” from the late 1890’s to early 1940’s.  Starting in 1900, every July would begin with thousands of hops pickers arriving via wagon, train, or even boat, to participate in the harvest. With an estimated 4600 acres of land specifically dedicated to hops, it’s no wonder the emphasis on local beers evolved so naturally in Oregon. While the “Hops Capital” title has faded, Independence’s attention to beer has not, and there are several delicious options for you to try during your visit.


Parallel 45

Parallel 45 Brewing, founded in 2018 is one of Polk County’s newest brew additions and has taken the community by storm!  Their beers have been on tap at our restaurant, Territory since our opening and Parallel 45 recently opened a brewery downtown Independence. Sit and sip at their location a short distance from the hotel, or try one of their brews at the hotel, find out why Parallel 45 was awarded “Best Brewery of the Willamette Valley” in 2020.

Gilgamesh Brewery

Gilgamesh Brewing. Gilgamesh started with three brothers and their father making beer at home. After receiving praise and accolades at several beer festivals, this PNW family decided to make the leap from hobby brewers to professional. Their beers are crafted and brewed in their state-of-the-art brew system from IDD. The brewhouse features a mash press which uses a series of filters to increase productivity and prevent stuck mashes. This unique brewing system allows their creative style to flourish and evolve. Not only are they inventive, they save 30% of the water standard breweries use and they average 98% grain efficiency.