Nestled in the heart of Oregon’s scenic landscapes, Independence beckons cyclists seeking adventure, tranquility, and diverse options. As the warmer weather signals the transition from winter to spring, there’s no better time to saddle up and explore the cycling treasures this charming town has to offer. From the allure of the Willamette Scenic Bikeway to a variety of cycling events, Independence promises an unforgettable journey for cyclists of all stripes.

Cycling Attractions in Independence

The Independence Hotel stands as a welcoming haven for cyclists eager to explore the Willamette Valley. With its strategic location and cozy accommodations, it serves as the perfect launchpad for cycling escapades. Unlike bustling metropolises, Independence offers the allure of uncrowded country roads and gentle terrains, making it an ideal destination for leisurely rides and immersive experiences in nature.

For those craving an epic adventure, the Willamette Scenic Bikeway awaits. Stretching 134 miles through picturesque vineyards, hop-fields, and quaint rural towns, this trail showcases the quintessential charm of Oregon’s countryside. Whether you opt for a through-ride or choose to explore sections at your leisure, the Independence Hotel provides a convenient base camp for your cycling odyssey.

Local Cycling Groups and Trails

Joining the Polk Pedalers Bike Club offers cyclists the opportunity to connect with like-minded enthusiasts while traversing the scenic landscapes of Polk County. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned rider, these casual group rides provide the perfect blend of camaraderie and exploration. Additionally, Western Valley Cycling offers an array of curated routes within Polk County, catering to diverse preferences and skill levels.

For those seeking an accessible route with exceptional scenery, we recommend a route created for the All Bodies on Bikes (ABOB) ride hosted at The Independence Hotel. This 20-mile loop packs in a lot of scenery while suitable for riders of varying skills sets. As Kris Martin, a frequent visitor to Independence, attests, the trail offers breathtaking scenery and a sense of serenity that rejuvenates the soul. We also recommend checking out our friends at ABOB for a refreshing perspective on inclusiveness in the cycling community.

Meet Kris Martin: A Cycling Enthusiast

Kris Martin embodies the spirit of outdoor adventure and exploration. With his trusty Giant FRC 3 bicycle in tow, he embarks on scenic road rides, relishing the tranquility of Oregon’s countryside. His love for cycling transcends mere exercise; it’s a lifestyle rooted in appreciation for nature and a sense of freedom on two wheels.

Reflecting on his experience riding the All Bodies on Bikes Trail, Kris vividly recounts the enchanting vistas of vineyards, orchards, and farms that dot the landscape. “It is a really great ride,” he remarks with enthusiasm. “Some amazing scenery, vineyards, orchards, and farms. The first half before the ferry is really flat and scenic. The ferry is something everyone should do. I did not know there were ferries that operated on a cable? The second half of the ride is a little more challenging with a couple of small inclines that get the heart pumping. For most of the ride, I would have the road all to myself. I probably would come across a couple of cars an hour during most of the ride. Closer to town, it was more cars but the majority of the ride, you have the road pretty much to yourself.”

He found the most interesting part of the ride was getting to cross the ferry, an element that added an extra layer of adventure to the journey. Kris’s passion for cycling extends beyond the thrill of the ride; it encompasses the joy of discovery and connection with the natural world.

Regarding his stay at The Independence Hotel, Kris enthusiastically shares, “Staying at the Independence with your bike is great. There is plenty of space in your room to keep your bike. I was able to get ready for the ride in the bike room. It is really fantastic.” He and his wife have made The Independence Hotel their preferred accommodation for their outdoor adventures, a testament to the hotel’s bike-friendly amenities and warm hospitality.

Kris’s affinity for Independence extends beyond cycling. He and his wife have taken numerous adventures from the hotel, from kayaking excursions to hiking expeditions at nearby Silver Falls State Park. For Kris, the allure of Independence lies in its proximity to nature and the opportunities it offers for outdoor exploration.

Plan Your Cycling Vacation in Independence

As the allure of spring beckons and summer approaches, seize the opportunity to embark on a cycling adventure in Independence, Oregon. Whether you’re drawn to the scenic splendor of the Willamette Scenic Bikeway or the inclusive ethos of the All Bodies on Bikes Trail, there’s something for every cyclist to discover in this idyllic town.

Contact The Independence Hotel today to book your cycling vacation and experience the unparalleled beauty of Oregon’s wine country. With spacious accommodations, bike-friendly amenities, and a warm hospitality that embodies the spirit of Independence, your cycling journey awaits. Embrace the freedom of the open road and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes that await you in Independence, Oregon. Start planning your cycling vacation today and make memories that will last a lifetime amidst the natural splendor of Oregon’s wine country.