Left Coast Estate is consistently a favorite destination for our guests. Maybe it’s their gorgeous vineyard with sweeping views of the Valley, maybe it’s their sustainably produced and delicious wines, their wood fired pizza (one guest told us it was the best pizza they had ever had), or their fantastic experiences for groups including: pizza and wine pairings, vineyard tours in a 1950’s flatbed truck, and sparkling cave tasting experiences (which is as cool as it sounds). During COVID restrictions, Left Coast is currently doing outdoor tastings from 12:00 pm-5:00 pm and delivery within 3 miles (that includes Independence).
Across the country, thousands of restaurants remain boarded up and millions of Americans are unemployed. “We know that our wine is part of a rarified world,” says Creative Director and Family Ownership, Cali Pfaff. “But we also believe wholeheartedly that wine brings people together. We decided as a family to forgo profits for this effort so that we could share our wine more broadly during this challenging time. We hope, in a small and modest way, that our wine will make someone’s day.” The Left Coast family selected five nonprofits to support through the effort, including the NAACP, the Oregon Community Foundation, the Sentencing Project, Ducks Unlimited, and Salud. The nonprofit partners align closely with Left Coast’s mission and values, including environmental conservation, an atmosphere of welcoming and inclusion, and dignity and living wages for agricultural workers.
So, how does it work? Left Coast Estate’s flagship wine, the 2017 Cali’s Cuvee Pinot Noir, will be available for $12+. Suggested retail price is $24. Any proceeds over $11 will be donated to one of five nonprofits. The program will run through December 31st 2021. Find Left Coast Estate on Instagram or Facebook @leftcoastwine #pinotforthepeople