Get to know the incredible staff at The Independence Hotel.

Today’s spotlight: Sam Diaz! As the Rooms Division Manager, Sam makes sure all hotel departments communicate effectively to keep things running smoothly, and to ensure guests have the best stay possible. Sam’s favorite part of the hotel is the amazing location. There is so much for guests to do and see, from wine tasting to cycling, hiking, and more. Sam personally enjoys kayaking and fishing on the Willamette River. With its lazy current and beautiful scenery, one can’t help but relax. He also highly recommends cycling through Minto-Brown Park. Plus, he doesn’t believe he’ll ever get sick of the river view from the rooftop deck of the hotel, especially watching the Osprey raise their young and take their first flights.

Sam says working at The Independence is like working with family and that’s why it has become his favorite job to date, but during his free time he loves nothing more than getting outdoors and spending time with his 9-month old son!