The holiday season is upon us, and chances are you’re considering what to get the special people in your life. We at The Independence believe gifts can come in many forms: something to open, time put aside to spend together, an experience to try, or a small token that tells someone you thought of them. That’s why we have put together a list of the top seven gifts in the Willamette Valley. Varying in size, expense, and style, you can choose the perfect way to celebrate this season, whether you’re telling a family member you love them, a friend that you’ll always be there for them, or hoping to get a smile from your Secret Santa that you’ve only spoken to once at an office party. Whatever the need, we at The Independence Hotel have you covered!

Be ready for the season of giving with our gifting tips!


A Stay In Wine Country

Nothing says “the perfect gift,” like one that takes up no room, involves no installation, and means getting out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. That’s why we’ve created a holiday catalogue filled with specials for staying with us throughout the year, making visiting wine country more affordable than ever. Plan a winter wonderland amidst the vines that have made the Willamette Valley so famous. Or if your holiday plans are already booked, surprise a loved one by planning a future trip in advance, conjuring a light at the end of the tunnel that is sometimes winter. Some of our holiday deals include multiple stays, discounts to local eateries, wine tastings, gifts, and more. We even have options for larger groups, accommodating family reunions, corporate trips, and/or holiday celebrations. And remember, there is no rule saying you cannot gift yourself with a mini-vacation. So treat yourself! Reserve a room, bring a book, and cozy up by a warm fire, sipping Pinot Noir and eating a locally crafted charcuterie board. Whatever the occasion, and whomever for, there are plenty of options for an Independence Hotel stay around the holidays!

Here are a few recommended hotel packages for the holidays:

Checkout all of the options via our Full Package List

Sip and Sunggle:  Enjoy a trio of local truffles, a bottle of 2016 Eola Hills Wine Cellars Sparkling Chardonnay, our curated playlist of love songs  a wool blanket from Sackcloth & Ashes.

Experience Independence:  Discover Indy (as the locals call it), bursting with unique talent and charm! We’ve put together some of our favorite spots to craft the full Indy Experience for you.

The Squad package includes: one night in the Squad Room, chilled sparkling wine, charcuterie board, and complimentary wine tasting for six at Croft or Dukes Family Vineyards.

The Indy Cycling Experience includes two Bike Indy Passes for exclusive discounts at downtown businesses year round and $50 to spend at Territory for lunch, dinner or drinks. 


Someone recently shared with us that while wine is often paired with food, she prefers to pair wine with people. Find a bottle of wine that makes you think of someone specific. Perhaps that means you have shared this wine together before. Or perhaps you think it’s outside of someone’s comfort zone and might expand their palate. Whatever the reason, wine is a perfect holiday gift, especially from the Willamette Valley where you have such a range of flavors, complexities, and varietals. And if you’re not sure who you’re shopping for yet, no problem! Wine is the ultimate gift when it comes to TBD receivers, as it can be enjoyed straight away, or saved for years until that perfect occasion arises. Book a trip with us and ask our front desk agents for recommendations. They would be happy to set up any tastings or tours you’re interested in, as well as bottle purchases. Just let them know what you’re looking for, as the Willamette Valley is home to nearly seven HUNDRED wineries!

The Pinot Noir Trio from Willamette Valley Vineyards in a custom wood box. 

These delightful minis from Adelsheim are a great idea to have on standby!

Let them choose with a gift certificate and token (like this ornament from Ankeny Vineyards). 

Tis the season for celebration! Let Argyle help provide the bubbles!

Quality Time

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is time spent together without a time crunch or agenda. And we suggest sleeping in and exploring your surroundings at your own pace. Grab some breakfast at Ovenbird Bakery, take a stroll or bike ride by the river, grab some binoculars and look for Osprey and other wildlife by the water. Check out a few of our thrift stores, or unwind with a Reiki massage or Ionic foot bath at Intuitive Wellness Center. Enjoy a glass of bubbly from Jubilee, or take a break from wine (gasp!) and explore some of our local breweries. All within walking distance from the hotel. When the day is winding down, nothing beats dinner at Territory and a shared dessert brought up to the rooftop deck.

 Stay in bed (what you do is up to you ; )

Sip what’s on tap at Parallel 45 Brewing right here in Independence. With a constantly changing menu there is sure to be something new to try!

Above: Ovenbird is a great place to get your morning coffee, enjoy a sandwich on fresh baked bread, or savor a delectable pastry.

Right: Promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety through the gentle touch of a Reiki massage.


If you think of PNW food, words that often come to mind are “local,” “eco-friendly,” “seasonal,” and “organic.” But just as important is our favorite food-related word: “Delicious!” From fresh cheeses cultivated in the valley, to produce, eggs, truffles and more, there’s no shortage of options for the culinary traveler. A few of our favorite spots include Territory, Jubilee, The Great Oaks Food Trail (if you’re looking to make a day of it) and for something a little fancier, a food and wine pairing at Willamette Valley Vineyards. Visit with your loved ones, or purchase a gift certificate from any of these places to gift to someone for a future trip to Independence.

When you can’t decide check out Ankeny Vinyards for a woodfire pizza. 

It’s Tamale season! Tuck into this traditional Mexican holiday dish at Xicha.

Fancy something fancy? Let the bartender at Territory craft a signature cocktail!

Monmouth’s Crush Wine Bar & Tasting Room features a evolving menu of elevated comfort food and drinks.

An Event/Experience

While anything mentioned on items 1-4 would make a great holiday present, why not take it one step further and turn it into an experience? Wineries, farms, and cycling companies alike offer tours throughout the year. Explore the area through the eyes of local experts and receive inside tips on the best places to eat, drink, and participate in unique Willamette Valley events. Wineries in particular hold various experiences from food and wine pairings, to cooking classes, vintage tastings, tours, and holiday specials. Call the front desk of The Independence or explore your favorite winery’s website for details. Regardless, you can turn any tangible gift into a series of memories by expanding that gift into an adventure.

Set out on your personally curated wine tour with the help of the Heart of Willamette Wineries. 

Create a new tradition at the Silverton Christmas Market!

Up your wine tour game with the Heart of Willamette Wineries digital Passport.  The Passport includes tasting and bottle discounts at 20 locations!

Create Something

There is one type of gift that is nearest and dearest to our hearts, and that is anything made for someone specific. A homemade present can range across any budget, and includes the most important aspect of giving, the idea that a certain person in your life is worth the time to put something together. For example, if your budget is low, you can create an itinerary for someone you know is visiting Independence, putting in the work so they don’t have to. (Let us at the hotel be a starting point of expertise for you!) Or perhaps the homemade aspect of a gift is the cherry on top of items 1-5, in which case, how can you put what you’ve purchased together? Perhaps you create a homemade charcuterie board or wine basket. Maybe you plan a tour of your own, deciding where your gift receiver should go and when, enjoying the cheeses, beers, or other local goods you’ve acquired throughout the day. Or maybe you keep one day of the trip completely free for your loved on to spend as they see fit, with as much (or little) packed into the day as they see fit.

We also, however, know that time is precious. So if you want to spend 100% of your vacation enjoying the trip and not prepping for it (understandable) there are also countless self-guided tours that still leave wiggle room for any creative detours or spontaneous ideas that might arise. We recommended the self-guided Oregon Cheese Trails, Great Oaks Food Trails, and/or Truffle Hunts during the winter, as well as  (of course) a trip to multiple wineries, which allow you experience the range of PNW varietals. Perhaps the creative aspect is simply putting together a playlist for your Pacific Northwest adventure. Delight the gift receiver by including their favorite music, or make the itinerary a surprise and hide clues for each stop within the mix.

Create a uniqe experience with an equestrian wine tour. 

Above: Channel your inner Mr. or Mrs. Clause to assemble handpicked gifts. 

Above left: Make some happy bellies with a day exploring the Oregon Cheese Trails!

Bottom left: Strike gold on a Truffle hunt!

Receiver’s Choice

As seen by this list, we have a lot of suggestions for gifts in the Willamette Valley. But no one knows your loved ones like they know themselves, and sometimes the best idea for a present is to simply ask them what they want. That’s why for our final suggestion on this list, we recommend you bring them to The Independence Hotel, and allow them to pick what they’d like to do, see, or purchase. We can help set up any itinerary you might like, and when it comes to tangible gifts, we have countless local stores within a short walking distance to explore. Also available is the online “Independence Holiday Gift Guide” that you can find at, and/or the “Shop Polk County” gift certificate, redeemable at several Polk County establishments (

No matter what you buy or how you choose to celebrate someone, we at The Independence Hotel are here to help, and we’d love to host you whether it’s throughout the holidays or beyond.

Make more time to kick back and relax with local holiday shopping in Indepdendence. 

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